Why you need to have a VERY different business model when YOU are your brand and you’re
offering the world your talents.

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In the "Eight Essential Elements" You Will Learn:

About The Author:

Jeffrey Shaw

Business Coach  & Podcast Host

Jeffrey Shaw is a transformational leader.   How ironic
is it that the guy who spent 30 years bringing life INTO
focus as one of the country’s most sought after portrait photographers is now freeing creative entrepreneurs around the world to leverage their “lack of focus” to diversify their businesses and live fulfilling lives.

As a business coach and speaker, Jeffrey supports creative entrepreneurs to use their creative strengths to get
clear on who they are and what they stand for to build businesses that are profitable and fulfilling doing what they’re meant to do.  

Jeffrey has published several business eGuides, his
writings have been cited and published in various
trade journals and he is a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post.

Jeffrey is also the creator and host of Creative Warriors podcast- bringing inspiration and relevant information to creative entrepreneurs on a weekly basis.   

Based in Manhattan, he travels the country speaking
to various professional organizations and
facilitating workshops.

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